Is this a Bad Time?

Posted by Sir Max on August 16, 2014 07:53 PM

Yes, it most certainly is a bad time.
They don't pay me to write blog post past 5:00PM, you know. They don't pay me at all, you know. Yet here I am at 7:53PM, writing this very post to inform you that the Telemarketers have started a Mega-Invasion.
I don't know if it's some sort of tracking beacon, or if they have a radar in their metal heads, or what -- but ever since those Telemarketers caught wind that we all have phones now, they've always called at all of the wrong times. First it was during dinner, then while I was in the bathroom, and now they've interrupted Aladdin and my "Goodbye Genie" party[1] with this madness! I am literally bawling my eyes out as I write this post. I should probably see a therapist -- but that's beside the point.
I've hung up on them, pressed "8" to remove us from the mailing list (And then "4", "7", and "13" respectively to confirm that I wanted to do this), and everything else under the moon you could think of. I'm telling you, these Telemarketers just won't stop calling! With this invasion, Toons, it's time for us to do what we do best: fill up the seltzers, grab some pies, and restock your gags. It's time to take back Toontown once again!
August 17, 2014 [ttr-beta-v1.4.1]
• Overall code cleanup.
• Fix a glitch allowing Toons to be invisible outside of their estate.
• Fix a crash when walking up to a Knock-knock Door.
• Fix an exploit allowing locked animations to be purchased.
• Prevent a server crash relating to house decoration.
• Use the proper font for Cog Boss speech.
• Correct a few typos in ToonTask dialogue and Cog speech.
• Decrease initial scale of the phone.
• Interactable items (Phone, Bean Bank, etc.) can now be placed in the attic.
• Change the default bank name to "Jellybean Bank" -- 1000 Bean Banks are no longer used as per a Disney update.


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  1. "Goodbye Genie" is a reference to Robin Williams, the actor and comedian who voice acted for Genie in Aladdin, an animated Disney movie.