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Posted by Sir Max on August 12, 2014 02:00 PM

Remember that big housing project that us Toon Troopers started a few months ago? Ah, that was fun. The back-breaking manual labor, the countless bottles of glue, the lack of water-proof furniture... Those were good times. We ran into a few problems though, between the Cog Invasions and the fact that there are a lot, lot, lot, LOT more of you than there were in January. That didn't stop us, though!
Let's be frank, here: Our houses are unacceptable! Bland furniture, white walls, tile flooring, it just doesn't work. We needed to clean up our houses, and we needed to do it quick. Luckily, us Toon Troopers snuck into every single one of your houses last night, peeled off the wallpaper, scraped up the floorboards, dismantled the furniture, and completely redesigned it. You can pretty much call us the Santa Claus of interior design! We're kind of a big deal.
Woah, woah! Hang on. Put the private property permits and restraining orders away (Hi Becky!) -- our intentions were strictly good. Look, we even installed some pretty nifty new things for you: A Jellybean Bank, a Wardrobe, and a state-of-the-art Crank-Phone!
You know, I could stick around and tell you all about your new house, but I think it's better for you to give Clarabelle a call yourself. Besides, I hear some sirens outside and I'm pretty sure I might have burned the wrong restraining order.
See you soon, everyone! Or in a few years. Depends on if my escape route works.
August 12, 2014 [ttr-beta-v1.4.0]
• Major code cleanup for estates.
• Add a few sanity checks to prevent Toon DNA exploiting.
• Mailboxes no longer spawn in front of vacant houses.
• Furniture items can now be properly deleted
• Jellybean Banks can now hold 15,000 Jellybeans.
• Clarabelle now has her own studio, rather than a grey area.
• Clarabelle Cow can speak! We've given Clarabelle some new voice recordings, courtesy of Jacob Eiseman.
• Estates have been redesigned! You'll find an all-new layout upon entering your home.
• Bean Banks and Wardrobes are in stock! Any clothes or beans that you have saved up will already be in there, free of charge.
• Toons can now buy different nametag fonts and custom SpeedChat phrases.
• Clarabelle has finally gotten her phone-in furniture service afoot, and has given all Toons a free phone to start it off! Give her a call to order furniture, wallpaper, clothes, and more!


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