The Art of Acting

Posted by Sir Max on August 10, 2014 02:00 PM

Annnnddddddd SCENE! That's a wrap, everyone. Great job. Excellent job with the -- you know, "acting." Ahaha, acting. The art of charades. Which is what we've been doing. The crowd is loving it!
Good, he's gone. Listen fellas, what if I told you that we aren't actually in a play called "Pride and PlayTimes"? And what if I told you that I in fact took Fat McStink's script and completely rewrote it to sneak hundreds of you into Toontown? Shocking -- I know. I would never do such a thing! However, here comes the plot twist: I did!
Here we are at the climax of the film, however, where our beloved heroes fall as Quadruple Access Weekend ends. Will they ever be able to scour back into the streets of the town? Who will ever save Toontown from these wretched Cogs? Will Vidalia VaVoom and Snooty Sinjin ever finish the story arc known as the power of love? And alas, all hope seems to be lost...
Until Sir Max comes in and becomes the HERO of TOONTOWN!
Aha! I bet you forgot about that part of the play, didn't you? Good news, everyone: As rightful hero of this here play, I'm here to announce that I have saved the day by allowing Quadruple Access Weekend to continue. Forever. (Well, at least until the public launch.)
That's right folks. The 6 hour sessions and doubled slot limits are sticking around, and it's now easier than ever to get into Toontown. My heart goes out to those of you who stuck with us during those 300 hour PlayLine waits, but no longer will you need to be leaving your computer on overnight to get in game. The average PlayLine wait time seems to be somewhere around 3 hours, and you'll get to enjoy the game twice as long by continuing to play with your Quadrupled Access.
This is where our play ends -- or rather, continues -- but I'm off now to rewrite another one of McStink's plays about Duodecuple[1] Access Weekend. It's going to be great! Oh, and by the way: If any of you new Toons are looking for a job around town, I've heard that Clarabelle Cow is going to be needing a lot of deliveries this week.


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  1. "Duodecuple" means twelvefold.