You're Invited!

Attention, Toons!

Toontown Rewritten will be opening on September 19, 2014. And you're invited.
On September 19, 2014, ALL Toons can log into Toontown and enjoy full unlimited access for free -- forever. (Or at least a pretty long time.)
Here's what you need to know:
  • On the date of opening and Toontown Rewritten's one year anniversary, the entire PlayTime system and all Beta Keys will be retired for good. Anyone will be able to log into the game whenever they like!
  • The first annual ToonFest will be held in a newly-opened area in Acorn Acres constructed specifically for the event. Toons far and wide are invited to come and celebrate all things Toontastic -- even if you don't actively play anymore!
  • Us bustas over at the Toontown Rewritten Team will be posting weekly "Backstage" posts on our website leading up to the event with some awesome stories on what we've been doing for the past year.
Be sure to keep checking up-Toon-the-minute news on all the Toontastic activities and kooky celebrations coming your way during Toontown's launch here on our website!
You proved you were Toon Enough once -- now it's time to prove that you still are.
Toons of the world, let's save our town.

This You're Invited! pop-up was at the top of just about every page of the Toontown Rewritten Website (starting on August 20, 2014). Open Beta begins on September 19, 2014.
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